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Facial massage: Hands Vs. Tools

Facial massage has many benefits other than improving skin radiance and overall health. It reduces puffiness buildup on the skin, relieves jaw tension, boosts blood circulation, encourages glowing skin, firms and lifts the face overtime, and reduces wrinkles on the skin.

As the new technological advancements are coming to the beauty industry along with new facial massage tools coming to the markets, there is a growing debate should the facial massage be done with tools or hands? In this post, we try to understand the pros and cons of using tools and hands for facial massage and try to figure out which one is better.

Benefits of using tools for facial

Facial tools provide a more controlled and targeted facial massage. These tools are very effective in promoting lymphatic drainage. Tools allow to work more evenly on the entire face than it is possible with using hands alone. As a result, the tools are able to work on surface of the skin to target the lymph system that would not be as easy to evenly work through with hands.

Facial tools are also designed according to the contours of the face. Different shapes of the tools can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, a multifaceted crystal roller provides a kneading massage that is difficult to perform without a tool.

Benefits of using hands for facial

Hands and finger massages can help with superficial problems with deeper underlying issues. Using your hands for facial not only gives you the best results when it comes to enhancing circulation, but it also helps you develop a connection between yourself and your skin.

The power of human touch does wonders on the skin during facial that help you to relax and relieve stress. Moreover, Facial massage using hands develops a dialogue between you and the skin. Touching and feeling your skin regularly increases the ability to understand yourself.

However, whether you use your hands or a beauty tool, remember to ensure that your face is cleansed and moisturised before massaging to prevent tugging on the skin.

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