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The cat-eye Eyelash Extensions

The cat-eye is a style of eyelash extensions that uses longer length lashes towards the outer corner of the eye and uses shorter length lashes in the inner corner of the eye. The shorter lengths from the inner corner of the eye gradually increases to longer lashes as the extensions reaches to the outer corner of the eye, which mimics the shape of winged eyeliner.

They are suitable for special occasions as well as for everyday wear. It can also help make your eyes appear wider and more open. This is by far the most requested style of lash extensions at our salon.

How cat-eye lash extension is done?

Cat-eye eyelash extensions are the same way as the other lash extensions except one important fact that is called the mapping. Mapping is a simple drawing of the eye that indicates where each length of extensions will be applied. This drawing or mapping is very important for the beginner or mid-experienced lash artists. If you are very experienced lash artists, a mental map should also work. Here is an example of a cat-eye lash map:

Cat-eye Lash Extension with Classic, Hybrid and Volume lashes

The cat-eye lash extensions style can be achieved using classic, hybrid or volume lashes. The main difference between the three is number of lash extensions per natural lash.

The classic cat-eye lash extensions use classic 1D extension for every natural lash i.e. only 1 lash extension is applied to every natural lash. This is the simplest and most natural looking style.

The volume cat-eye lash extensions use any thing between 2D to 6D extensions for every natural lash. This is fullest and the most dramatic looking style. Using anything over 6D gives a mega-volume looking which is also requested by some of our clients but mostly recommended to wear on special occasions such party or weddings.

The hybrid cat-eye lash extensions is a mix of classic and volume lash extensions. It is more commonly used when a wispy style is created along with cat-eye style. It creates spikes with classic lashes and gives fullness with the volume lashes.

Will Cat-Eyelashes Suit Me? Who Is It For?

It is very important to choose appropriate style for your lashes based on your eye shape and facial features. For example, a long wispy cat-eye style looks good on round eyes but it may not look great on small eyes.

Do Cat-Eye Lashes Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Yes, cat-eye lash extensions style gives the illusion of bigger eyes as the length of lash extensions increases gradually from inner corner to the outer corner.

What’s your favourite lash extensions style? Come visit us or call us for free advice and more information on what type of eye lash extensions will look good on you. Our lash artists can recommend what style will good on based on your natural eye shape.

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