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How to make your lash extensions last longer?

If you are getting your lash extensions for the first time or even if you are a regular and already obsessed with your lash extensions, there is no doubt that your first thought would be how to make sure that your lash extensions last longer after getting it done.

Here in this blog post, we have put our lash extensions salon experience to use by telling how to make lash extensions last longer. If you are able to follow these tips correctly, you will surely be able to keep your lashes looking gorgeous for weeks.

1. Keep them dry for the first 24 hours

The first 24 hours after application are the key for the lash extensions to get the best adhesive bond possible. In the first 24 hours after application:

  • Don’t get your lashes wet
  • Don’t go to a sauna
  • Don’t rub your eyes
  • Don’t apply oily products

2. Be gentle to your lash extensions

This may look like no-brainer, but you would be surprised that how many people are not gentle on their lashes. We highly advise our clients to avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling on your lashes, as this can cause them to fall out prematurely and may damage your natural lashes.

Also, be careful when you are applying makeup and cleansers around the eye area, as well. Also avoid eyelash curlers as they may damage the extensions.

In the case of an itch around your eyes and when you feel the need to rub your eyes, try to make it a habit to run a brush through your lashes instead of rubbing them.

Finally, if you need your lashes removed, please make an appointment with a professional to have that done.

3. Sleep on your back

Try to sleep on your back for super easy maintenance and long lasting lash extensions. The idea is to avoid sleeping on your face and lashes as it can damage your lash extensions. If you feel the need to sleep on your side, the main objective while sleeping on the side should be to keep your lashes from smashing into your pillow as this can damage or dislodge the extensions. Moreover, we recommend using a silk pillowcase as if, in case, you do rollover while sleeping, your lashes are less likely to get tugged out. 

4. Clean and brush them regularly

One of the most effective tip to keep your lash extensions last longer is to keep them clean. The best way to keep your lashes clean is to add an oil-free and lash extensions-safe cleanser into your morning and night routine.

If your lash cleanser is not oil-free, do not use it as the oil can break down the lash adhesive very rapidly and can cause lash extensions to fall out faster than they should. If you are unsure which lash cleanser to use, our lash artist can recommend the suitable oil-free lash cleanser to you when you come to visit us for an appointment.

Moreover, we would also suggest brushing your lashes daily with a clean mascara wand or a lash cleaning brush after cleansing.

5. Use lash sealant​

There is saying that “Lash extensions is your investment and the lash sealant is your insurance policy”. Using a lash sealant in between lash fills will greatly enhance the longevity of your extensions. If you are unsure which lash sealant to use, our lash artist can recommend the suitable lash sealant to you when you come to visit us for an appointment.

6. Avoid mascara if possible

We suggest that you avoid using mascara on your lash extensions if you want long lasting lash extensions, particularly on volume lashes. The reason is that it much more difficult to remove eye makeup with volume extensions attached. However, if you still feel the need to use mascara, avoid waterproof mascara which is even harder to remove and you may risk tangling the lash extensions. Look for mascaras that are safe for lash extensions.

6. Schedule regular infills

Last but not the least, schedule regular lash infills (we recommend after every 2 weeks). As we all know, your natural lashes shed daily and the extensions will shed along with them. To keep them looking fabulous you will need regular infills.

Interested in getting lash extensions, book your appointment online or call at our store.

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