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Looking gorgeous after getting a new set of eyelash extensions! You must be thinking that how to take good care of these stunning new set of lashes.

But as soon as you hold a spoolie (small, plastic brush that is used to shape eyebrows & eyelashes) in your hand, you realize that you are not sure what kind of hand/wrist/fingers motion are you supposed to make to properly brush your eyelash extensions? Should you brush under or above the lashes? In this post, we explain how you should comb your lash extensions to keep them tangle-free and fluffy.

Steps to brush your eyelash extensions

1- Make sure to brush on dry & clean lashes

First and important thing before brushing your eyelash extensions, is to make sure that your lashes are clean and dry. For example, after washing your face or just splashing water on it, you may feel tempted to brush your eyelash extension. But before you brush, wait to make sure they get dry.

If you are in rush, you can use hand fans to blow air on your lashes to dry them quickly. Some people suggest using blow dryer on lowest heat. But hot air from blow dryer even being on lowest heat can weaken the lash adhesive bond and that may result in falling off lash extensions quickly.

2- Brush from above the lashes

Once the lashes are dry and clean, take a spoolie and gently brush your lashes from above the lash extensions. Bring the spoolie close to the base of the lash line (be careful not to brush on the lash line), and then gently roll the spoolie towards the tip of the lashes. Use the rolling motion of the hand to detangle your lashes from the base to the tips. Repeat this process a few times so that all the lashes on both eyes are combed.

Gentleness is key here! Resist the urge to wedge the spoolie in between the lashes or to do a “zig-zag” motion. You only want to do up and down motions.

3- Brush from below the lashes

Now, bring the spoolie close to the underneath the lash line. Similar to the previous step, gently roll the spoolie towards tip of the lashes. Again, use the same rolling motion of the hand to detangle your lashes.

All of this will only take you a few seconds. 

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