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Is it safe to remove eyelash extensions at home?

There are so many questions that our clients ask us about lash extensions removal:

  • Can I remove my eyelash extensions at home?
  • Is it safe to remove my eyelash extensions at home?
  • How to remove my eyelash extensions at home?

The short answer is yes. You can remove your eyelash extensions on your own at home using coconut oil or olive oil that helps to break down lash adhesive. However, we do not do recommend it as it may damage your natural lashes if not done properly. It is always best to have your lashes removed from lash technicians. Professional lash technicians use a special lash remover gel or cream to remove adhesive.

How to step-by-step remove eyelash extensions at home?

Here we have described the process of removing your eyelash extensions at home in easy to follow steps:

Step 1: Remove your eye makeup

The first step is to remove any eye makeup or mascara that may have settled on the eyelash extensions. You could simply wash your face like you would normally do but make sure not to scrub your eye area as it may pull on your lashes and cause damage.

Step 2: Use steam

Heat a large bowl of water on the stove until it is boiling, then turn off the heat. When the water is steaming but no longer boiling, lean over the bowl so the steam can reach your face. Cover your head with a towel to keep the steam in. Let it sit for a few minutes for lash adhesive to loosen up.

Step 3: Warm the oil and soak the pads

Now take coconut oil or olive oil in a small bowl and gently warm it. Once it is gentle warm, take 1 or 2 cotton balls and soak in warm oil or alternatively apply a few drops of warm oil on the cotton balls.

Step 4: Apply over the lashes

Now, gently apply oil soaked warm cotton ball on your eyes over the lashes. Let it remain there for 5 to 10 minutes. Take the cotton pad away from your eyes once it loses the heat. Repeat this process for the other eye.

Step 5: Remove the lash extensions

Using the same cotton pad, gently swipe your lash line again. You should start to see a few lash extensions falling off. Gently rinse your eyelids with warm water and dry.

You should take extreme care in this process. If the extensions do not fall off, please do not try to pull on them as it may damage your natural lashes. In this case, you should contact a professional lash technician to have them removed.

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