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Coloured Lash Extensions

In this article, We’ll give you a quick overview of what coloured lash extensions are and what kind of looks they pull off.

Coloured lashes are just like the black synthetic silk lash extensions except that they come in various colours, such as blue, red, pink, green, and more. They add a great way to give you an extra touch of style to your looks.

Recently, they are gaining the popularity and more and more clients are choosing them in particular for special occasions. In general, clients request this service for following main reasons:

  • Special events: As mentioned earlier, a lot of clients request coloured lashes for special events such as a wedding, a party, Halloween or during Christmas season. It helps to stand out even more on that special day.
  • Photoshoots: Another important reason for clients to request coloured lashes is when they are going for a photoshoot. Having a touch of colour on your eyelashes can really make your eyes pop in photographs. Your photos will be unique and vibrant.
  • To stands out in gatherings or outings: Other than that some clients also request to have coloured lashes so that they look unique and vibrant in a gathering or outing. Coloured lashes add a lot of uniqueness as well as fun and excitement to the style. Moreover, there is virtually zero probability of running into someone with the same lashes.

How to Choose the Right Colour

The two most important factors to consider are your natural eye colour and skin tone.

  • Natural eye colour: In general, a contrast of lashes to the eyes colour makes the eyes pop. For example, lighter-coloured lashes with darker eyes and darker-coloured lashes with lighter eyes.
  • Skin tone: If you have a dark complexion or olive tone, the cool colours such as purples and blues gives a popping look. For people with fair complexions, the warmer colours such as yellow, reds or browns give a popping look.

General Guidelines

These are just general guidelines. For example, when you want something special for Halloween, a lot of orange coloured lashes can be included. If you want an aquatic-themed look, blues, and greens would look great. And if you want a fiery style, opt for reds and oranges.

Moreover, if what you want is something more natural, then give ombre lash extensions a try. They are two-toned, with the tips being a lighter colour than the base. There are also soft and gradient looks for clients who want to add colour but in a subtle way.

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