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How to prevent eyelash extensions from clumping together?

Clumping eyelashes are also called “stickie lashes”. Clumpy lashes can ruin the overall look of your lashes. There are many reasons for eyelash extensions to be clumpy. If clumpy lashes becomes an issue after few days or weeks you have had your extensions done, there might be a problem with your aftercare. Temporary clumping can happen due to oil build up or lack of brushing the lashes. In this post, we have combined tips and best practices to prevent and fix clumpy eyelash extensions.

Remember: multiple extensions for one natural eyelash is completely fine (e.g. a volume fan is applied to a single natural eyelash). The problem arises when one or more extensions are attached/stuck to more than one natural lash (not perfectly isolated).

1- Keep Your Lashes Clean

A lot of lash extension clumpiness issues start from lack of cleaning. Therefore, make sure you’re washing your lashes at least once a day. Otherwise, oil, dirt and mascara can buildup and may cause your extensions to stick together. Also make sure to follow your complete aftercare instructions that your lash stylist have given you.

2- Use the Right Cleanser

While you’re at it, make sure you’re using the right cleanser. Just make sure to avoid any cleansers that contain oil or alcohol, since they can weaken the lash adhesive.

3- Use a Brush to Clean Your Lashes

Use a dedicated lash extension cleaning brush. To pull out any residual around your lashes, try using a cotton pad which can pull over any residual from your lashes. Avoid using your fingers for cleaning as they may not give you the desired result and can also damage your lash extensions.

Once lashes are clean you can then comb your lashes. Make sure your lashes are totally dry and then you can comb them with a clean spoolie. Note that this will only work if they’re just temporarily stuck together or tangled.

Read this post about how to properly brush your lash extensions and to learn more about this process.

5- Sleep Carefully

Make sure to sleep on your back and avoid pulling the covers on your face. You can even buy special pillows to help you with your sleep posture, or you can try wearing a domed eye mask that’ll protect your lashes.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us online or pop into our salon to have a free advice and more information on eye lash extensions and what will look good on you.

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