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Volume vs Classic vs Hybrid: What type of lash extensions should I get?

“What’s the difference between classic, hybrid, and volume lashes?”

This is by far the most common question asked from our clients at our salon. So we have put together our response in this blog post.

What is classic lashes?

These are the most common type of eyelash extension where one lash extension is applied to each of your natural lash at a ratio of 1:1. It gives you more traditional and natural lash looks.


  • Classic lashes are the cheapest in price
  • They are also quickest to apply
  • Gives you the soft and natural look
  • Good for daily professional wear


  • Do not give you fuller or dramatic look
  • Not good for someone who have thin or sparse lashes

What is volume lashes?

Volume lashes gives more fuller and dramatic look to your lashes. Volume lash extensions uses more than one extension per natural lash usually at a ratio of 1:xD where x can be between 2 to 10. It means that a volume fan (consisting or 2D or more lashes) is applied to the natural lash. Depending on the fans used, it could be a volume fan (between 2D to 5D) or a mega volume fan (between 6D to 10D).


  • Volume lashes give fuller and dramatic look
  • Gives a gorgeous look
  • Good for wedding, party and social events


  • Takes a little more application time
  • Most pricy than other types of lash extensions

What is hybrid lashes?

Hybrid lashes use a mix of both classic and volume extensions. If you want to go for a bit more than the classic lashes without going too dramatic, hybrid lashes are the perfect one for you. It is also one of the best lashes to apply for someone who has sparse or thin natural eyelashes.


  • Hybrid lashes gives fuller look but not too dramatic
  • Less pricy than volume lashes
  • A good option for first timer to try it before volume lashes
  • Perfect for someone with sparse or thin lashes


  • More pricy than classic lashes
  • Takes a little more application time than classic lashes

What is the difference between Volume and Russian volume lashes?

Russian Volume lashes are a special type volume lashes, where 3 lash extensions up to 2mm longer than the natural eyelash are used on individual natural lashes. That’s why Russian volume is often called 3D volume lashes. These volume lashes made by Irina Levchuck and Olga Dobronravova.

What type of lash extensions is best for me?

It mostly depends on personal choice what type of lash extensions style you are after. For example, some of you might’ve liked classic after reading this post, some others liked volume, while others liked hybrid style.

Secondly, each type of lash extension style has its own pros and cons based on your eyes and lash features. For example, people with hooded eyes would suit a lash extensions style different to those with almond eyes. When you arrive at the salon, our staff will assess your eye shape and may suggest a particular lash extensions type to suit you.

Still have more questions about eyelash extensions?

If you still have questions about eyelash extension, don’t hesitate to contact us online or pop into our salon to have a chat.

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